Sample Review

'Almost' Critical Analysis and Impression

By JasmeetWalia, Kajol Sharma and SiddharthChaudhary, 23, February, 2019

With this review, I would like to emphasize on the readers’ perspective, as to how the writer has penned down the story and its theme. I will focus on the plot progression of the book, form and structure, the character formation and how the characters develop in the book. My focus is on understanding the insight of the writer behind writing this book. In the end, I have also provided a suggestion box and to let the writer know how we will be going ahead with the developmental editing of the book, the writer should feel free to accept or reject these suggestions.

The book is set on a modern day scenario, where each character plays a vital role both in their personal front and professional life. The story opens to a narrative birth scene which was being weaved on paper by Kartavya, who is the renowned author, yet his ambition is to be listed as the New York best-seller. His work is disrupted by the doorbell and then enters his younger sister, Raela, the CEO in the family business.

The story is neatly woven with describing the sweet brother-sister bond until it is time for Raela to leave for the flight.

The next chapter is an introduction to Aarushi, who is the HOD of one of the subject. The writer continues to describe her life adventures both in solitude and with her best friend, Sara.

The plot is realistic, portraying the life endeavours of every character who is the part of this story...

Plot Progression

The plot of the book opens to a story writing scene by a renowned author, but he had to take a break when his sister comes to meet him, unannounced.

It is a set belief that the beginning of a book is the gripping point for a reader and the one thing that is remembered through ages, in this sense the book’s beginning does wonders. “The first ever time that William time travelled…”, the line itself establishes that the story will not only move in a linear manner but very artistically will capture the mind clock(stream of consciousness) of the characters as well, ultimately disrupting the shadow lines of time and space.

The plot has a strong theme, talking about the dynamics and dimensions that a young professional goes through in every aspect of their life, be it in their profession, personal solitary life, enjoying their social life and entering into a relationship.

The plot has a surprising effect. By surprising effect, I mean it leaves reader intrigued to every line as the story unfolds itself. Every sequence has got new instances to explore with a pioneer of introducing another character and his or her life itinerary. The book is surely a page-turner. There is a sense of mystery that is intact in the plot, where each character unravels the veil of the other that gets the reader hooked into reading more and more.

For instance, later in the chapters, it is mentioned that Kartavya asks Aarushi her name long after getting acquainted with her, having already developed a liking for her, reminding the reader of the famous quote- “what is in a name” (Shakespeare). The name of a person, is not only a tool of remembrance but also a social construct that provides an identity to a person(socio-religious context, whether someone is Indian, Muslim, Christian etc.) the writer very gracefully affirms that here the characters will first get to know the individual, the social will come later.

However, there are certain flaws as pointed out below, which should be considered to avoid any negative remarks on the part of the reader.

1. Punctuation errors. Full stop and commas are not used appropriately and at some point, it changes the meaning of the sentences.
2. Missing of prepositions in some of the sentences.
3. Lack of character detail.
4. Poor paraphrasing

Character Formation

All the characters in the book are introduced in a very interesting manner. The narrative voice switches from an omniscient narrator to the first person narrator providing a modern movie-like appearance. The characters have their perspectives, their stream of consciousness communicated to the reader and the articulation is brilliant. At first we form a picture of the characters in our minds and let our imagination wander into creating the character ourselves only to be disrupted later with the revelations about their soul nature through their own voice.

However, the writer needs to describe each of their appearance and attributes for the reader to distinguish them.

There is one major drawback that I would like to highlight is that the dialogues and conversation exchanged are not in the correct format. This delays the reading pace as it requires to re-read the sentence to acknowledge who is the speaker.

The writing style and narrations

The writing style of the writer is very gripping. The writer has played well with words, which makes the book intriguing and entertaining.

The narration is very modern, with an interesting word play and the involvement of beloved contemporary characters/literature like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones etc. providing a interactive quality to the plot.

The narration of the story is impeccable, and the writer has very well portrayed the emotions, expressions and demeanour of, every character.

Suggestion Box

Based on the plot, here I would like to share my suggestion and guide.

1. Describe the features and attributes of every character.
2. Work on paragraph formatting.
3. Avoid long sentences by separating them with commas. The breaking of sentences will make it easy to comprehend the situation and move with the flow.