About Revolt

Revolt House Publishing

Revolt is a first of its kind self publishing house which does not stop at just publishing. With every book we publish, irrespective of the plan, our ‘Editing’ and ‘Year Long Marketing’ services comes along with it.

We are the only self publishing house out there which focuses equally on Marketing and Editing as on Publishing. Our strategic and exclusive collaborations help us to provide each author with some of the best editing services and marketing strategies.

One of our marketing initiative is our ‘Book Review’ campaign in which we have partnered up with Kalaage – A platform connecting authors and publishers. In this we list all out books on a page and invite people to write reviews on them. The top reviewers get various benefits and perks. This ensure organic sales of books and authors also get a lot of reviews. This goes on for a complete year as marketing should be a perpetual thing and not something permanent.

We firmly believe that the real effort is not in publishing, but once the book gets launched. Having an exclusive contract with Kalaage gives us an advantage like none.