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Revolt is a first of its kind self publishing house which does not stop at just publishing. With every book we publish, irrespective of the plan, our ‘Editing’ and ‘Year Long Marketing’ services comes along with it. We are the only self publishing house out there which focuses equally on Marketing and Editing as on Publishing. Our strategic and exclusive collaborations help us to provide each author with some of the best editing services and marketing strategies.

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The Revolt’s Revolutionary
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As mentioned. We truly believe that the main fight start not with writing the manuscript, but after it gets published. If the marketing is not done right, and for a long duration of time, the effort of both the author and publisher gets wasted. Have a look at our details publishing process and its unique proposition.
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Upcoming Authors and Titles we are working with

What gives life also takes it away, with each breath you wither your life away and......Book Details
Author : David Lee
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
Sunsets with Rose

What will you do to please your dearest one? give upon your dearest thing? or......Book Details
Author : Prachi Randhawa
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
The Gift of Love – A Novel

A beautiful compilation of author M. Vaibhav's journey into the narrow lanes of Old Delhi ...Book Details
Author : M .Vaibhav
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
Photographic Journey of Old Delhi

’The New River’ is a historical take on the river Sara...Book Details
Author : Sengupta Deb
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
The New River

A collection of short stories on various topics. From fant...Book Details
Author : Bijit Sinha, Karuna Shah, Asif Ali
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
Short Stories

:A fantasy tale based in the real life. Radha is an ordina...Book Details
Author : Tanya Nath
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
Radha Fights Life

Clear cut competition, leaked launch plans, and high itera...Book Details
Author : Janardhan Patte
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
Goodness Is Old

Not an ordinary life, rather a near enlightened one. Shant...Book Details
Author : Shanti Sachdeva
Publisher : Revolt House Publishing
The Wounded Tide

Our Plans are limited
and simple. No Mystery.

We have our plans divided in two segments : Digital only, and both print and digital. That’s that, no confusion.
  • eBook
  • Print
  • Advanced
The Digital Only plan
  • Editing
  • Registration
  • E-book creation
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
The Print and E-book Plan.
  • Editing
  • Registration
  • Cover design
  • E-book creation
  • Print copy
  • Marketing
  • Online distribution
The Print and E-book Plan - II
  • Editing
  • Registration
  • Cover Design
  • E-Book Creation
  • Print Copy
  • Marketing_Online distribution
  • Author profiling.
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